The training is tough, but the mental gain is where we are breaking ground. Carnivore B. and Carnivore H. are in week 3 and continue to share their strict training with the carnivore diet, macros and weekly workout plans.

We expected training to be tough but we didn’t anticipate the mental training involved. We are tackling our insecurities that have come into play since committing to this adventure.

The Mental Struggle

Although there have been gains and losses in our weight and improvement in our muscle tone, we still hear the nagging voices of “you’re ridiculous” or “you’ll never succeed” or “you’ll never look good enough”.

The end goal of walking across the stage in heels, at our age to be judged, dominates our daily thoughts and haunts us during our workouts. “You’ll never lift heavy enough to show any results” or “just give it up” or “you’re not fooling anyone” are just some of the many thoughts that torments us.

That and comparing ourselves to other, better fit females. We know better, we do, but it doesn’t stop the nagging voices in our heads.

The Inner Critic

Carnivore B. here – the mental game is real. Please, never judge a book by it’s cover. Simply, never judge anyone for you never know what their backstory is. I was told recently that my transformation wouldn’t be radical because I appear to be fairly thin. That affects me. And I’ll tell you why.

Our minds are powerful.

Not only do I see myself as old and dumpy, I’m not sure if I can get to the point of being good enough. And I just feel ugly. And that stems from struggles in childhood. It rears its ugly head especially now that I know I will be judged. The thoughts are demeaning and sometimes can stop me in my tracks.

I have to remind myself constantly where that all comes from and why we started this in the first place. Because we can. Plus, those thoughts are unfounded. We are healthy and able and there’s nothing stopping us. But that certainly doesn’t stop our inner critic, fighting us every step of the way.

Body Image Struggle

Body dysmorphia comes in all shapes and sizes and doesn’t occur in just the younger mindset. Carrying our insecurities about our bodies throughout life is REAL and it didn’t become so apparent until we started this journey together.

All of our notions about our flaws and obsessiveness of looking better or a certain way has certainly risen to the surface. Just posting those check in photos is a daunting task. However, it’s part of our commitment and we promised to follow through.

To be honest, I (Carnivore B) still haven’t sent a check in photo to our marvelous coach, The Keto Savage. Why? The short answer is I don’t want him to be exposed to my perceived travesty of the human body (sag, cellulite and dis-proportioned body).

Logically I shouldn’t be concerned, but mentally I feel it is my duty of someone my age to spare him from that image. So I am constantly avoiding it. Sound’s crazy, doesn’t it?

This is 50

This is 50

I entered the 50’s club way better than 40. I was confident and quite impressed that I had made it thus far. It was my dietary lifestyle that changed my way of thinking to “I can do this”.

It was turning 50 that made me question the next steps in the next 20 years. “That’s part of getting old” or “it’s old age” was unacceptable to me and I certainly wasn’t going to be someone sitting around watching the world go by. I wanted to thrive in this chapter.

Keto & Carnivore Saved Me

Becoming ketogenic completely changed my life. It’s a constant learning experience as I listen to what my body wants and needs. The next step was carnivore and then of course, this bodybuilding adventure. I have made the right decision with my dietary lifestyle to support the decisions I will make in the next 20 years.

A carnivore way of life has allowed me to take on challenges I didn’t think were possible before. This bodybuilding challenge being the first example. Nutritional ketosis gave us the ability to fight old age and given me the ability to take on the emotional and psychological trauma.

Transforming Inside and Out

This bikini competition training has given us an opportunity to confront our emotional and mental struggles. The challenge has exposed our insecurities and anxieties. We are weeding them out to resolve, conquer and become victorious over baggage we’ve carried into our 50’s. We will finally free ourselves to become ageless, inside and out.

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