We have been toying with the idea of doing a bikini competition since we met on the Low Carb Cruise in 2019. With the new year upon us, we are suddenly faced with the reality of we need to “shit or get off the pot”, the reality of accountability. We must practice what we preach, after all. And we are women of our word. What started as “let’s do this for shits and giggles” has become a very serious undertaking.

New Year – New US

With the new year, came the realization that we are embarking on a physical and mental journey that we are going to be held accountable for. The excuses are over. It will take hard work and determination, mentally and physically. Not only will the workouts be hard, but we will have to be okay with revealing our vulnerabilities. But that’s why we started this in the first place.

The Challenge

We decided what better way to defy aging and use our well earned freedom and wisdom than to compete in a bikini competition while incorporating our carnivore lifestyle. Typically, training, or “prepping” is done by following a strict diet of carbs and protein with very little fat. You also eat 5 or 6 times a day. For us, the intention is to train for this competition while eating a carnivore diet. You might ask what is a carnivore diet? Well, this is a 100% animal protein diet with zero carbs. Our only vice? Coffee…because we are addicts. Challenged by our only crutch (caffeine addiction), we are venturing out on this journey together. Supporting each other and anyone else who wants to join us!

This is Scary Shit

The idea of doing something for ourselves that might help others, especially women suffering from hormonal imbalances or lack of confidence is our fuel. Yes, this started out as a moment of fun – as a possibility – but now we are ready for what is to come. Shits and Giggles…literally…bring it on!!!

Join Us

About us, we are just like you, women who are struggling with aging, hormones, changing family dynamics and how it sucks to grow old. What are your fears and desires? Where do you want or need accountability in your life? This could be anything including food addictions, maintaining consistency, time management, or just being accountable for YOU. Have you forgotten about yourself after all these years while you’ve been taking care of everyone else? Stay in the loop. Join our email list. We will send you our progress and if you’d like, share your journey as well.

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