Bring Home the Bacon – Cue the brainwashing

“I can bring home the bacon.
Fry it up in a pan.
And never let you forget you’re a man.” ~Enjoli Commercial 1979

Thank you Enjoli for helping to brainwash us as little girls into thinking we could do it all.

Our formative years were in the 1970s and 80s. Born on the tail end of the women’s liberation movement, we bought into the lyrics and the sentiment. We felt like we could have a career, a family, and hobbies while maintaining the perfect physique with our low-fat diets and aerobics classes.

Something’s Not Right

We went out and got careers and started families. Our reality turned out different from the commercial. We were lied to, we were told we could do it all, yet, somehow we just couldn’t accomplish all that was promised.  

Our homes were a mess, we were stressed and tired. We felt like we could never measure up to that Enjoli image. We felt like failures. Unrealistic expectations combined with the recommended high carbohydrate/low-fat diet left us a disaster.

Lessons Learned

Fast forward a few years, we are older, wiser, and carnivores. Lessons learned, we still like to think we can do it all but have enough experience to know that it is ok to say, ‘no’ sometimes, to have a little patience with ourselves, and we sure feel better without all the “healthy whole grains”. 

We are a couple of years into this carnivore journey. This way of eating has been a boon for our health and fitness. We also realize that it isn’t the panacea that we hoped for, we still got hot flashes.

Even with a few hiccups along the way, we feel better than we have in decades.

The Truth in Aging Gracefully

Here are a few truths that we have learned in our 50+ years that have helped us age gracefully.

  • We stick to meat, water, and sometimes coffee because it makes us feel the best.
  • Dairy may taste grand, but we are pretty sure it isn’t doing us any favors.
  • We have realistic expectations. Our hormones went wonky. We still have/had hot flashes and crepey skin.
  • Sugar substitutes don’t work for us. We tried them with poor results. Rebel Ice Cream is the devil. Just sayin’.
  • We accept ourselves as we are, we can’t go back in time and fix our mother’s nutrition, our inherited genes, or many less than optimal decisions we made in the past. Carpe Diem.
  • We have fallen off the wagon and we got back on. Feeling good trumps FOMO (fear of missing out) any day.
  • Occasionally, we need motivation, we read inspiring success stories on MeatRx or Zero Carb Zen

Keep Moving Forward

The carnivore way of eating doesn’t stop time, but it sure makes life pretty good while it ticks along.

Need Help?

Are you a carnivore lady who is struggling, we are happy to help?

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