Information Overload

We are definitely living in a world of confusion. The internet has allowed information to flow into our minds as quickly as it takes to type in how does…… Like Marshall McLuhan said “the medium is the message”. What am I getting at and what does this all mean? Read on friends.


Good old Marshall McLuhan and his insight. I have never forgotten that book, Understanding Media and the Extensions of Man. In a nutshell, don’t dismiss how powerful the device as to which we are receiving our information is.

Manipulation is key and so is the dependence on our ignorance. When you read something, stop to figure out how it made you feel. Angry? Sad? Peaceful? Did it resonate with you? Take a moment to stop and wonder why. And thus, your journey into sifting through conflicting and hypocritical information will begin. Don’t be lost in a world of confusion!

Who do you trust?

You. That’s who. Only you can decide whether you can trust the information or the people as to whom the information is being delivered. Do your research and if something doesn’t make sense to you, compare information and make sure you understand the essence of that one particular word – it can make all the difference.

For example, the word “studies”. Did you know that this word is used by the medical community and their media deliverer (whatever that might be) so effectively that the mass population just assumes that “it must be true”.

Long Form Discussion

Youtube and podcasts have brought us a wonderful platform in which people can discuss freely (for the most part) their knowledge and have an excellent debate about controversial issues. Free speech without a political agenda (agenda setting in the media) provides a truly insightful discussion that isn’t marred by any outside influences.

These are known as long-form discussions. This helps you to think as well and make the proper decisions for yourself. Think, don’t lose the ability to THINK for yourself. Your values determine your interest and we lose sight of this by the manipulation of the medium and the message.

So What Am I Getting At?

When I started my ketogenic journey, I was confused by the conflicting information and I didn’t know who to trust. It’s maddening when I hear/see the information that is just wrong AND the methodology of the media and it’s minions to deliver the wrong message to support their ideology and political agenda.

But it’s ok. If we stop to think and do our research correctly, you will find your way and the truth. This is all a journey. And it isn’t easy. And there are a lot of institutions banking on your dependence on familiarity and obliviousness.

What’s Next?

Our next post will delve into regenerative agriculture and engineered animal proteins. We will describe the difference between regeneratively raised livestock and those raised in a concrete factory eating corn, soy………….

Tell us what you think.

Are you confused about diet, nutrition, and the carnivore diet?

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