Finding the Fountain of Youth

Where did my youth go? For some, aging and wrinkles are a mere consequence of time and a life well-lived. For me, I am determined to remain a foxy lady and do my best to fight the wrath of time.

I am a 50 something, which some may regard as a  “mature” lady. Sometimes, I don’t feel as mature as my reflection. Take off the make-up, add some poor lighting with a rough day, and I clearly see the effects of father time.

Staying Young

Kitty Cat and a little botox
Time for a little botox…maybe

I am a sucker for eternal youth promised in creams, potions, and elixirs.  And anything from France (because they would know, right?). Looking back, I never appreciated my smooth skin and perky boobs and took it all for granted. Cosmetic surgery was for older people and I just assumed that I would sail through these years with ease, grace, and confidence. Fat chance.

Appreciating Youth When I Had It

I survived the 1980’s (miraculously) and emerged a responsible adult with “good genes” as I called it. I thought this was aging gracefully. Alas, 40 came (where did the time go?) and things definitely started shifting.

I remember looking at a selfie I had taken at 43 and the crepe skin on my neck and chest was undeniable. Initially, I blamed it on the lighting. How could this be happening to me? What happened to my graceful aging and nary a wrinkle?

My youth, where did it go?

Time to Turn Back the Clock

My arrogance at dismissing cosmetic surgery slowly turned into horror. I watched deep crevices form on my forehead and my pores became the size of craters. It was time. Now, I was willing to pay the price of injecting poison into my laugh lines, crow’s feet and whatever else I could zap with that miracle filler.

The Ketogenic Epiphany

When I first found keto and later carnivore, it gave me a spring in my step and a portion of my youth back. I have found the carnivore lifestyle to be healing and has made quite a difference in my skin. With my newfound vitality, the “other aspects” bothered me. I could no longer ignore the swift progress of lines and crevices and saggy eyelids.

First Stop, Plasma Skin Tightening

My first foray into anti-aging treatments was plasma skin tightening. No injections, just burning tiny little surface holes into my wrinkles. In my mind, it wasn’t as obvious as botox or fillers. Thus, it was (self) approved and ready for action.

Plasma skin tightening is the process of burning minute holes into your wrinkles, pulling them flat and stimulating collagen. It was not a pleasant experience.  And not the results I had envisioned. I needed my face to match my vibrant, youthful, happy go lucky, fly by the seat of her pants foxy girl again, damn it!

Next Stop, Botox

I was always very skeptical and suspicious of how botulism would ever make me look younger. What changed my mind was the results of a trusted friend. She didn’t look overdone, just….different, fresher and happy. With nothing to lose, I made an appointment with the lovely nurse lady. Little did I know, she was more than just a nurse, she literally helped women turn back the hands of time.

Explaining in great detail was paramount to getting the right results, I thought. My main concern, as I explained to her, was to look completely “natural”. “I’m different,” I said because I just wanted to take that rough edge off. I certainly didn’t want to look like I was void of any expression or emotion.  I just wanted my face to match my youthful energy.  

All it took was that one syringe of miracle toxin. When she handed me a mirror after my first treatment, I literally teared up. I saw for the first time in a very long time, that girl staring back at me. I could see her. And I didn’t look so mean anymore. I was softened and more vibrant. And boy, did it bring a lot of confidence back. 

Anti-Aging In Conclusion

The carnivore way of eating has done many great things for me. It has given me energy, clarity, and mental stability. Unfortunately, it can’t erase the ravages of time. Thankfully, I have found other options to take care of what the carnivore way of eating can’t. Some ladies embrace their laugh lines, wrinkles, and “fuck-you” lines. That’s not me. I want to age gracefully with smooth skin. 

Next up, regaining my perky boobs. No surgery. Instead, I am using exercise to change the way I look. Chest flys and chest presses are making all the difference in the world. Which is a welcome bonus on this bodybuilding adventure!

As a side note, the actual name of the bacteria is clostridium botulinu, which produces a toxin which of course we all know as BOTOX®

Sandra Bruand
Sandra Braund

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