Mission Possible
Mission Possible

Training for a bikini competition might seem like a Mission Impossible. It certainly did for us. Age, hormones and the girls heading south made it seem like an unattainable goal for these old bats. Daunting yes, but impossible? No. Did I mention that we’re stubborn too? We hired a coach, headed to the gym and threw some weight around. Crepey skin be gone. Bring on the triangles!

Our Mission

Simple. Train our bodies to look hottie hot with a spray on tan, stripper heels, sparkly triangles (barely) hiding our jiggly bits and over the top body bling. Ha! Not so simple we thought but why not? Our dietary lifestyle changed our lives and helped us become better with age. Let’s push the envelope even more because we can. We are on a mission to defy aging. The ketogenic lifestyle led us both down the road to carnivore and we are not aging gracefully – we are aging backwards. So why not strut this hot stuff out on stage? That’s what the kids are doing these days, why not us?

Mission Impossible Coach

But, let’s get to the scary part. This mission sure is SCARY, at least for us. Not only do we want to look amazing, we want to FEEL confident. Failure is not an option, neither is tripping over our 4 inch clear heels on stage. We needed guidance and support and someone who understood our WOL. That is why we hired Robert Sikes from Keto Savage. He is an excellent coach who is supportive and methodical. He also understands and creates our macros based on our carnivore lifestyle.

Mission Possible Report for Week One

Our diet and training started this week, January 20th, 2020. We are shooting for a goal (show) date of August 2020.

After week one we are on fire, literally. The increased fat and protein in our diet is definitely keeping us warm at night. Which is good for Carnivore B since she’s up where the igloos are. But seriously, the change in our macros, resulted in our bodies using alot more energy to break down our macronutrients which is also known as thermogenesis and the thermic effect of food. Now, because we started ketogenically oh so long ago, we understand this process but we had forgotten how it affects our bodies. Keto 101 – in the beginning, when you transition from the SAD diet to keto, your metabolism changes as you lower your carbs and increase your fat and protein. Some people might experience thermogenesis more than others. I suspect we do because thermogenesis + hot flashes = TOO HOT TO SLEEP.

Field Report

Carnivore B:

Getting to the gym wasn’t the hard part after all. It was the anticipation of not knowing whether these old bats could pull this thing off. And so far, so good.  Robert Sikes (aka Keto Savage) provides a different approach with his exercise program and an 8 day rotation (2 days off – yay!!)

My macros have changed too, ever so slightly. The protein has increased and fat decreased. Both by around 5g each.  I have lost ounces only at this point. That isn’t really an issue (yet) however I want to be able to wear sleeveless numbers NOW. These flappy bat wings are an embarrassment to slip dresses everywhere. 

Carnivore H:

I am a cyclist not a lifter, but I have to say it has been fun. There hasn’t been any ass to grass in a while (aka squats). Sitting on the toilet feels like a trust fall.

The diet has been interesting. Robert has me eating about 250 more calories than I am accustomed to. I started out the week at 1725 calories, 70 grams from protein, 145 grams from fat. I didn’t know what would happen.

The Keto Savage program macros initially caused me to gain a couple of pounds, but then I lost it at the end of the week. Starting on Sunday, Robert upped my fat and protein. This morning’s weight was 1.2 pounds heavier. It will interesting to see if I have a repeat of week one and end up lighter than I started.

Are you like me? Have you been brainwashed into thinking that if I ate more I would get fatter. Even though I know that my metabolim is regulated by hormones, I still had a hard time eating more.

I tried another keto strength training and diet program with “Keto” in their title, that had me eating much more protein and less fat. It wasn’t working for me, I was hungry all the time and miserable. I stopped the program at four weeks because it was not sustainable. So far I am feeling good and satiated on the Keto Savage program.

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