Chaos has not been a friend to me in life. Training for this competition has brought me some clarity about chaos that I didn’t even realize existed before.

Some folks can manage their chaos with better planning, time management and a decent working memory (executive function). Developing these skills is critical for people like me – Carnivore B. Chaos naturally follows some people more than others, and I may possibly be the President of Chaos Everywhere.

Mental Chaos and Learning Disabilities

I grew up in the 70’s and 80’s. Growing up, kids that suffered from inattention or impulsiveness and general disorderly conduct were considered (and dismissed) as having behavioral problems, not learning issues.

Thankfully, times have changed, and recognizing this behavior can be a symptom of ADHD. Unfortunately, many of those kids grew into adults that were never diagnosed and/or treated. I believe adults like me would have benefited greatly by learning to adopt these skills earlier in life. I say this because I lack certain skills like planning, time management and definitely focus (squirrel).

Disney Movie UP, 2009

From Chaos to Order

From Chaos to Order

Tracking macros and creating a routine that I can follow is difficult for me. That involves planning and focus and usually numbers. All that just makes my head explode.

Let me explain. I am that person that “wings it” and thrives under pressure. My modus operandi (MO) is arriving out of breath and always late (but I have been told that it I am always worth the wait ;).

Bodybuilding – Path to Something New

This bodybuilding competition has given me yet another path to self discovery. It hasn’t been easy for me to remain consistent with my macros and fitness routine but thankfully, I am stubborn. And committed.

Trying something new provided an opportunity for me to re-examine my capabilities and create new strategies to get things done!

A Sticky Solution to Chaos

What helps me stay on task is….sticky notes. These sticky squares are the saviour of my day. They are everywhere. In addition, I have lists and and several agendas. Did I mention white boards? These are some of my strategies to help organize my chaos and keep me in line.

Looking Forward

Training for any type of bodybuilding competition offers certain promises, certain rewards. Focus, discipline, and the courage to walk across a stage in high heels and a bikini.

I never dreamed it would be so helpful in giving me the discipline to organize my life. I am already winning and I don’t even have a spray tan yet.

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