Sandra here and this is my menopause story. I’d like to share my experience with this bastard of a change. My intention is to lend support by sharing our individual experiences with this fucker. Please remember you may or may not encounter these unwanted side effects. And you may be able to get on with your sequel to youth perfectly intact – mentally and physically. Everyone is unique and will have a different experience. This is mine.

Denial is Not Just a River in Egypt

Totally in denial, I really thought I could outrun this bastard. In my late 40’s, I still wasn’t experiencing any real hot flashes or mood changes, per se, however if you talk to my husband, he may tell you a different story. Don’t talk to him. It was then that I also decided to undergo an endometrial ablation. This is the process where they cauterize the endometrium – the lining of your uterus. Before the procedure, I was so anemic from severe blood loss from heavy periods that I was passing out.

After the ablation, I felt I was back in control. Not only did I suddenly have instant birth control, I had a newfound confidence and thought I would prance into my 50’s with youth and vitality. Passing out from anemia and passing clots the size of livers was terrifying and I was relieved and thankful it was over. (Side note – I had to find a hospital that wouldn’t anesthetize me – a paranoid stipulation, but I actually did and the alternative cocktail was quite delightful!). So after all that, how could it get any worse? And really, how bad could this “menopause” be?? “I got this”, I said to myself. And then I turned 50.

The Muffin Top and Air Conditioning

It wasn’t until I started experiencing REAL hot flashes that I realized it was a real menopausibility that I was indeed changing. And the muffin top I always scoffed at (not gonna happen to me!) appeared overnight. Total flab spillage. I was horrified. And then depressed. And that’s when the AC stayed on 365 days a year.

It was hard to shake my depression. I stopped exercising and my body turned into something resembling an egg. With a chicken neck. And wrinkles. “Who is this old bag looking back at me in the mirror?” I often thought. Also, had my ability to sleep through the night disappeared somewhere alongside my youth???

HRT or Hormone Replacement Therapy

My depression and anxiety resulted in me seeking anti-depressants from my doctor. I felt old, fat and was losing my hair. What I actually walked out with was HRT. I did not agree with HRT and knew of the cancer risks. But I was desperate and filled the prescription.

I started sleeping again. Through the night. My hair was fuller and no sudden, overwhelming feeling of body temperature fluctuation. And vaginal dryness was no longer. HRT restored my youth and happiness. For a very short period of time.

The Ketogenic Lifestyle

As I write this, I realize that I’ve always discredited HRT but I think it may have helped me discover the ketogenic lifestyle. And of course, Mikhaila Peterson. Here’s why:

  • Rubbing synthetic hormones on my skin always felt risky and a bit like Russian Roulette.
  • Although I wanted to stop using the medication, I also didn’t want to feel like crap again.
  • I needed to find a way to feel as good as I did when taking HRT but without the synthetic hormones. But how?
  • I didn’t want to be an old fat lady resigned to this “stage of my life”
  • I’m stubborn
  • I’m a rebel
  • I like controversial things

As life would have it, while at my crossroads with HRT and menopause, I stumbled across Mikhaila Peterson after hearing her father tearfully praise her for discovering that carbohydrates were killing her. It was a long process for her that consisted of eliminating all the foods from her diet, one by one. And documenting her results.

She finally came to the conclusion that beef, salt, and water was healing her arthritis, depression and autoimmune disorders. Well, this certainly sparked my curiosity and I became obsessed. I mean, how could someone reverse their health issues with beef and water? My mother always told me to eat bread with meat to help with digestion. So this went totally against everything I knew and had been told. I had to know more.

And that’s when I changed my dietary lifestyle and got my life back on May 8, 2018. My ketogenic lifestyle saved me. And I finally stopped taking my hormones. I will always credit Miss Peterson for telling her story.

I started to ask WHY

This fueled my obsession to find out more and ask why. For example, why wasn’t I told that just eliminating dairy could make a profound difference for me? I uncovered lies and hidden truths about nutrition and food. I also discovered the real truth behind sugar.

A great book to learn more about this silent but deadly poison is Pure White and Deadly by John Yudkin. Sugar is the leading cause of obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and chronic inflammation. I was shocked to find it in so many of the foods I was eating.

It’s also cleverly disguised under different monikers so I was most likely consuming way more than I ever thought. But this was part of the deception. Nutrition labels can’t be trusted either, I discovered as they are not always factual. I felt betrayed by a system I trusted and realized I was addicted to sugar. I was being deceived by the man behind the curtain without even realizing it. But, alas, I digress. Back to menopause.

I Still Get Hot Flashes

So now that I’ve been in the state of nutritional ketosis for almost 2 years, being menopausal isn’t what it used to be. My depression has lifted, I like getting out of bed in the morning (bacon is a great motivator) and my head is clear. The fog has lifted.

Yes, I still get hot flashes sometimes but really only when I drink coffee (caffeine is a hormone disruptor) or have dairy. Truth be told, menopause was a bitch. But it forced me to change my dietary lifestyle so I’m grateful for that. I’m a fat burner, not a sugar burner. It’s incredible to wake up with clarity and vitality. It makes me feel like I’m 21 again, ready to take on the world!

With a little perseverance you can get things done, without the blind adherence that has conquered some.  So if you’re lost and on your own, you can never surrender.  And if your path won’t lead you home, you can never surrender.  And when the night is cold and dark… you can see light.  ‘Cause no one can take away your right to fight and to never surrender.”

– Corey Hart, 1985
Sandra Bruand
Sandra Braund

Sandra started her ketogenic lifestyle two years ago which naturally morphed into the carnivore way of life.  Bodybuilding after 50 just seemed like the next step and the natural thing to take on for this rebellious nature. Because…… why not???

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