Are We Crazy?

From steak to swimsuit, we are using the power of a carnivore diet to do something that some might find a little crazy. We are refusing to age gracefully in silence. We have teamed up to bring our determination to the stage (literally). You may think that might be a good goal for someone younger with smoother skin and less stretch marks. Not us. We are empty nesters with grown children so we decided what better way to defy aging than to strut around on stage, wearing a few triangles and a spray on tan.

Age Doesn’t Define Us

We decided that age doesn’t, and shouldn’t define us. Age doesn’t have to dictate how we live or how we feel. Rather, age brings wisdom. We often wished we were as wise in our 20’s and 30’s as we are now. We have decided that pushing ourselves out of our comfort zone is just a mindset. At our age, wisdom brings confidence and courage. Therefore, we are maximizing this wisdom and courage to step outside the box and do the things that we have never done before. We are doing this with our heads held high, with no regrets and in very high heels.

From Steak to Swimsuits

How is steak going to help us get into those itty bitty bikinis? We are using the power of steak and the carnivore diet, to keep our hormones happy and to help us reach our goals. Traditionally at 50, our hormones start to go awry and muscle mass is even harder to attain. Common symptoms of menopause are increased fat mass and a decrease in muscle mass. This is not conducive to six pack abs. Even with that knowledge, we have seen amazing results in the past following a carnivore way of life.

The Power of a Carnivore Diet

Sandra and Steph both found the carnivore diet at different times and in different ways, but we have seen similar results. The brain fog and mood changes that accompany menopause dissipated with our carnivore way of life. Now, one of us will experience some hot flashes and/or sleep issues, but not much else. The diet helped stave off many of the negative effects of the hormone changes in our body. Because of this, we decided to take on the challenge of a bikini competition.

Eyes Wide Open

We have confidence in the carnivore diet and our nutrition to support us. That doesn’t mean we don’t have our reservations. We are nervous. The idea of parading around on a stage is flat out scary. Most people are afraid of being judged. We are planning to walk right out there wearing nothing but a tan, bling and triangles, for the sole purpose of being judged. Most of the time when we feel judged, it is just our imagination. When we walk on stage we will be judged by actual people who are going to score us on our bodies. If that’s not the epitome of intimidation, I’m not sure what is.

Because We Can

At this point you may be asking, “why in the world would you want to torture yourself like that?” Like Edmound Hillary once said when asked why he desired to climb Mount Everest, we do it because “It is not the mountain we conquer but ourselves”. We are doing it because we want to prove to ourselves that we can. We have this idea of what our bodies can do with strength training and the carnivore diet. Dr. Shawn Baker and others are great examples of defying aging. Check out the stories at MeatRx to read about others successes with the carnivore way of eating.

This is our story and our adventure. If you would like to follow along on our bucket list journey as we don a bikini (triangles really) in our 50’s and compete in a bodybuilding bikini competition. From steak to swimsuit, we bring you 2 Carnivore Ladies!

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